Getting Personal with Lisa Vick

It's all about Life, Love, Pain, and Closure

Lisa Vick


Lisa Vick is a motivational speaker, up and coming author, and influential in her passion for healthy loving relationships, acceptance, and self love.  Lisa's goal is to empower women and men to strive for greatness and contentment in healthy loving relationships through a deeper level of emotional maturity, integrity, and acceptance.  All too often, society discounts the power of love.  However, Lisa believes that this emotion of LOVE is the key to having, achieving, and maintaining one's love of self, family, and intimate relationships.  

 Lisa's many life lessons has afforded her a true testament to the power of positive thinking, acceptance, and empowerment.   

Her passionate message motivates all audiences to strive for the betterment of one's self, children, husbands, wives, lovers, and friends through communication and understanding.  

Lisa's goal is to facilitate a straight, honest, open forum to discuss, motivate, and provide a place of comfort for her audience. Tune in with Lisa on or "Getting Personal with Lisa Vick" for upcoming episodes.