Getting Personal with Lisa Vick

It's all about Life, Love, Pain, and Closure

Welcome to Getting Personal with Lisa Vick

Getting Personal: REAL Talk, with host Lisa Vick.  Getting Personal: REAL Talk, strives to provide a forum that allows for open, honest, candid, and yes, sometimes tough-love conversations about life and love.

There is never any judgment or bias because self-love and committed-love should be promoted in all relationships. There is no right or wrong when it comes to feelings.  Feelings are what they are without any given perspective. What is most important is understanding our emotions and channeling them in a direction which brings about positivity as the outcome.  

Subject matters range from family relationships, this new age of dating, internet dating do’s and don’ts, sex between consenting adults (the good, bad, and ugly), non-traditional ways of thinking, the new face of the 21st century woman and what this has meant for the 21st century man...and much, much more.  

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